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Damage Monitor®

This real-time operational condition supervisory system monitors structures subjected to fluctuating loads and logs the accumulated structural damage by fatigue in each work shift.

Damage Monitor is a tool for physical assets maintenance management, which allows to quantify the effect of operational variables on service life and availability, also generating the appropriate information to feedback the operation.

It's capable of:

Logging and indicating in real time the structural damage rate which affects the asset during its operation and its deviation from a standard rate (base line).

Logging operational conditions or particular actions which produce higher than standard damage rates on the asset in order to implement, together with the operator, ways to avoid them maintaining productivity.

Reporting cumulative damage, in the whole structure or in critical components, in order to:

- Establish the need of inspection in the next planned stop.

- Distribute the use of assets in different operational conditions in order to increase the life cycle of the whole fleet.

Integrate the logging and visual indicator of the deviation of the damage rate with an auditive or tactile indicator for the operator.

Update the cumulative damage after the repair or replacement of a component.